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Are you tired of boring website designs that leave you wanting more? Are your online stores NOT bringing you the revenue that you truly desire? If you answered yes to either of these questions, KindrasDesigns is the answer you’ve been waiting for…

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We are an award winning design studio based in Houston Texas

We deliver high quality, uniquely packaged solutions. Whether you need a website designer to build your site from the ground floor up, or simply a freelance Flash programmer to help market your site by adding a catchy Flash banner…

“KindrasDesigns is the one-stop answer for all your project needs”. Explore Our site and learn more about how our company can turn your dream into a reality! We can help make your ideas real! We believe that a website should be fresh and visually appealing, with the design communicating a clear and inviting brand-impression. Your customers will be strongly influenced by the first impression that a good design leaves behind. We invite you to explore our vision and let us show you the many ways we…”Breath Life into the Web”. Ready to get started?

Designed with Simplicity In Mind
Yet Packed Full Of Cutting-edge Technology


Water Music Epic water music
Friva www.friva.com
Hypocentre An empty Paris
Upstairs Animated Film
Kraftig Table Sauces
Market Decor Antique Treasures
Liquer Stache Drink like a Sir
Kate & Julia Healthy Living
Soul Digital Recording Studios
Illegal Burger Deliciousness for outlaws


A Typical Web Project
Brief Development, Research & Analysis
Concept Design & Client Approval
Wireframing, UX & UI Layout Design
Kindrasdesigns Team Makeup
Developers, Technical Staff
Designers, Creative Staff
Business, Finance & Marketing Staff


We Market

The web is a big place, so we shout loudly..Want To Get Page One Rankings?

Here’s How! (more…)

We Nurture

Our client’s companies grow and mature with us..

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We Care

We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you learn more about the design and cost of our websites.   (more…)

We Build

Our team of  Web Design professionals apply innovative ideas and creative thinking to design websites.
Design Matters! (more…)

We Design

A team of creative professionals ready to roll,  Be on top and stay on top! (more…)

We Manage

We’ll create and manage your online presence.. We can custom design a website just for you! Web Site Design and Promotion Services That WORKS!


On paper


Will Jakes

Marketing & Communications

Management; Development; Marketing & Communications; Global Partnerships; Product …. Development Manager, East Coast …… Senior Web Developer.

John Marks

Junior Designer

Junior Designer
He enjoys working closely with clients to help make their vision come to life. After working with Dario for a few weeks, it has become clear that he is not fully human. He is more of a Photoshop wizard with humanoid elements.

Pete Campbell


Pete Campbell Co-Founder, Developer

Isabel Moro


Research, concept art, scriptwriting and animation for fulldome animated shows.

James Lee Bean


Design strengths are in asp; e-commerce stores; sockets; some experience with Yahoo Stores, Joomla, WordPress and the like. Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc

Kindra Loving


The company was set up by owner Kindra Loving in 1999 after working as a web designer for other agencies since 2001.


“Everything is design. Everything!”

Paul Rand, Web Client

“Whenever something is engineered as complex, it is designed to keep you simple.”

Richard Diaz, Web Client

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Ansel Adams, Web Client

“Art is the lie that reveals the truth.”

Pablo Picasso, Web Client

“Simplicity, carried to an an extreme, becomes elegance.”

Jon Franklin, Web Client

Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.

Frank Chimero, Designer

The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness.

Massimo Vignelli, Architect

Technology over technique produces emotionless design.

Daniel Mall, Technologist

A camel is a horse designed by a committee.

Sir Alec Issigonis, Designer

Being a famous designer is like being a famous dentist.

Noreen Morioka, Client

KindrasDesigns is comprised of different departments specializing in web development, website hosting,
SEO marketing, and graphic designs. .


The amount of time spent in the office, six days a week.


Number of t-shirts sold since our launch back in 2011.


Number of coffees consumed per hour on any given day.


There are 6 different languages spoken in our office.


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