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The web is a big place, so we shout loudly..Want To Get Page One Rankings?

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Want To LEGALLY Outbeat Your Competitors, and Gain Top Rankings In The Search Engine?
If you really want to rank high in the search engines, make more money, and live life on your own terms, this will be the most important page you’ll ever read today!
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My name is Kindra Loving SEO consultant, with over 9 years of experience!
What do we do?
At Kindrasdesigns.com, we make your business known to your potential customers. We strive to out beat your competitors and drive you more traffic!
If you’re like many of our clients, you may have been kicked by the recent Google update. And chances are that you might have suffered the frustration of having your website rankings wiped out.
No doubt, this is a major problem, but what are you going to do about it?
Are you going to sit and watch your business go down the drain?
You don’t have to:
You Need an EXPERIENCED SEO Specialist
You need an SEO consultant who understands how the search engine behaves and can build quality backlinks that’ll drive your website to the top spot of the search engines.
Here’s what you stand to gain once you lock in your spot today:
• Content Optimization
Your content is one of the most important factors affecting your online success. Our experienced SEO experts will carefully outsource your content creation to our team of American writers, who’ll create KILLER contents that’ll help rank your website for competitive keywords.
• ON Page Optimization:
Upon completion of the content, we’ll take a step further to critique each of your website pages, carefully applying our strategies to improve your page rankings.
• Website Optimization Services
Our website Optimization services are carefully designed to boost your web pages, generate more leads and sales, to retain potential visitors and increase usability.
If you’re serious about your online business, you need to have a reliable and affordable SEO team in place!
An SEO specialist who’ll go the extra mile to not only rank your business in the search engines, but also make your business more money!


Strategies like:
• Writing short content:
There was a time where you could churn out 300 words articles and rank all day long in Google!
There was even a time I could rank 3 page mini websites for highly competitive keywords.
I made more money, drove more traffic, and lived life on my own terms.
But now, things have changed.
To rank on the first page of Search Engines, you must be able to churn out at least, 500 words of quality content.
• Keyword-stuffing:
If it looks fun to stuff keywords or you find joy engaging in it, then you’ll soon get into a big MESS!
If you’re keyword stuffing, stop it!
Your keyword density should be less than 4%. For best results, ensure your keyword is at least 4%. But don’t over-do it and don’t sacrifice quality to get more keywords, your Content should flow naturally
• Cloaking
Incase you’re not familiar with this, cloaking is a dirty black hat SEO tactic used to rank in the ORGANIC search.
Final words: this doesn’t work well. If you already engage it, stop, this won’t work in 2014 and beyond!
• Low Quality Guest Blogging:
Guest blogging is still a quick way to rank naturally in the search engines. It’s still very powerful; but if all you do is to contact blog owners on My blog guest (with low quality sites of course), and publish content on their blog, stop it.
• Low quality Directories
Directory links can still be very useful. But if you still buy tons of links from low-quality blog directories, you might get into trouble anytime soon. Instead, focus on relevant niche directories that operate with strict standards!
Now that you know how bad it is to involve in the above and many other black hat tactics , take your time, work on the strategies listed below to help your website rank better and generate more traffic and MOOHLA )profits) for your online business.
• Create or outsource your content:
If you’re not skilled at writing content, you can outsource this to us. We have many talented writers who’ll write your content for less than $25.
Once your content is published, share with your prospects through social networks .
• Wear your hat
Start guest posting. Find quality sites, around your niche, and submit stellar content for publication.
Once you have your content published, link to these posts. This is a powerful way to build powerful, white hat tiered links to your website
• Create a clear linking strategy
It works. I tell you!
• Get social
Share your content massively on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Connect with other experts in your niche. Take advantage of social media whilst you still can!
Don’t be afraid to try new things. Who knows, that stupid stuff could just be your saving grace! Be creative. Try new things from time to time
Check for re-directs other than 301
Limit your titles to the stated size. Ensure your characters are no longer than 70 characters
Check for poor and unnatural links to your site, then use the Google Disavow tool to remove these toxic links from your website.
Install Google sitemap to enable the spiders to crawl and pick your content faster!